1999 - 2004 Hood Installation Guide:




Preparation:    To reduce the risk of scratches during fitment, we recommend taping the edges of both fenders and the cowl panel using 2" masking tape. Raise the stock hood and place terrycloth towels under the rear edges of the hood to prevent the cowl panel from being scratched while removing it and adjusting new hood.



 NOTE:  The stock rubber bump-stops from your stock hood will be re-used on your new hood. Remove each of them from your stock hood by gently pulling and twisting them out. Install them on your new hood by gently pushing and twisting them into place.


1)  Center Hood:    Install new hood using only (2) of the (4) 10mm hinge bolts (Install only one on each side). Snug bolts just enough to allow minor movement while still holding its position. Get hood centered front, rear, left and right. Once centered, install the other two 10mm bolts into the hinges and tighten to 15-20 ft.-lbs. of torque.

2)  Adjust Hinge Height:    Close hood and check height of rear edge of hood relative to the cowl panel area. If adjustment up or down is needed, loosen the two bolts holding each hinge into the firewall. Adjust hinge height to desired level by installing shims underneath hinges and re-tighten bolts.                                                                   

3)  Adjust Latch Mechanism:    Loosen the two 8mm bolts that hold down the latch mechanism. Start with the latch adjusted all the way up and tighten the two 8mm bolts. Close hood and check height of hood. If hood needs adjusted down, loosen the two 8mm bolts slightly and tap down with a small hammer. Tighten and re-check height of hood. (repeat until hood is at desired level). Once desired height is achieved, make sure latch mechanism is biting into the hood latch plate at least 1/4". (Adjust latch mechanism right or left to achieve 1/4" of bite).

Note:  If additional adjustment up or down is needed, remove the latch mechanism from the radiator support. Locate the two dowels that center the latch on the radiator support. Use a center punch and hammer to strike and remove each dowel. Re-install latch mechanism. This will give you the extra movement needed.

Once Hood is properly installed, tighten all bolts to 15-20 ft.-lbs. of torque.


TEST HOOD:  Drive car in city and highway environments. Check to see if there is any shaking of hood while driving. If so, adjust latch mechanism down a bit more to eliminate any movement.

Questions?  You can reach our Tech Department at 513-505-9971, M-F 9:00am - 6:00pm EDT. We can also be reached by email at: customerservice@bossincstyle.com.






Notice:  Pre-Fit Before Painting!

(Painted or altered parts are non refundable)