Ram-Air Cooling
Cowl-Induction Cooling





















Front Drainage System
Pre-Cut Scoops
Same Clearance as a 3" Cowl at the Intake


Fully Finished Show Quality Underside
Rear Drainage System
1.5" Cowl Height
Latch Plates Tested to 300 lbs. without failure
Super Strong Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum Latch Plate


Super Strong Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum hinge plates

Most companies use rear-screened vents for cooling. At Boss, we found that rear-screened vents weaken the structure, don't flow much air, and can be ugly to look at while driving. Boss hoods use a revolutionary design that moves the rear framework away from the rear weather seal. The seal keeps out the rain, while the air space created allows up to 10X the airflow of a rear-screened vent. This superior design maintains structural strength and provides a smooth rear surface to look at while driving.

Boss hoods have been independently race tested and proven to keep your inlet temp within 10 degrees of the ambient air.

A denser air charge = MORE POWER.











Precision fit. Each Boss hood starts from an original factory Ford hood. (No copies here!) We painstakingly produce each class "A" mold in-house to exacting tolerances in order to consistently achieve a precise fit.

"Pessimistic bodyman was very impressed". We use only the highest quality resins and materials available in the industry to produce our hoods. This level of materials allows our highly trained technicians to consistently produce hoods with a smooth, wave-free surface that is virtually ready to paint. In fact, prep-time on a Boss hood is typically less than one hour (vs. 4-6 hrs min. for our competitors). At a typical body shop rate of $50/hr, this will literally save you several hundred dollars off your overall bodyshop bill.

Amazingly light, yet incredibly strong. Weight savings = performance gain. Most of our competitors hoods weigh 35-40 lbs. The Boss CyberStallion hood weighs in at only 22 lbs. How, you ask? Strength through design (instead of mass). This proprietary technology yields a hood that is a min of 13 lbs. lighter than any other fully-finished hood available anywhere, yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of brutal all-out racing. Just ask Steeda, their new Q650R race car has a Boss hood on it.


At idle, heat escapes the engine bay through the front scoops and cowl area. Starting at approximately 5mph, the ram-air and cowl-induction systems kick in and create a cross-flow cooling effect that seriously cools the engine and exits underneath the vehicle. A great solution for the intense heat of turbo or blower applications.













The aggressive profile of the CyberStallion hood allows for maximum clearance under its 1.5" cowl. At the front of the intake, it has the same clearance as a 3" cowl. Whether you're running a stock 302, a blown 4.6, or an Igloo style intake on your turbo setup, this hood has you covered.















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