The Process:  Reinventing a Legend

First, a custom designed prototype of the outer skin was produced.

The finished product was then tested for fitment.

Never seen "BULLITT" before? Check out the most famous car chase scene in movie history below:

Side view of the 5/8" cowl rise.

The cowl is the same 5/8" rise as the original BULLITT.

The heat extractors and center ridge were inspired by the original 1968 BULLITT hood design.

The underside of the hood was custom designed to retain the functionality of the factory cold-air system.

The Patent Pending washer nozzle system is neatly tucked under the hood between the wipers.


Scott Hoag: Two thumbs up... "The Bullitt DNA is intact".

"Telltales" were added to the extractor openings by Scott Hoag during airflow testing .

Scott Hoag from MRT contacted us about developing a new hood for the 2009 Mustang Bullitt. Scott was the project director of the 2001 Bullitt Mustang at Ford Motor Company. Our task was to develop a new hood that "retained the DNA" of the original 1968 Mustang featured in the classic movie "BULLITT".

Looks were only part of the equation. The new hood also needed to be a fully functional heat-extractor design that utilized the factory cold-air intake system. Turn signal indicators and a revolutionary new windshield washer nozzle system (Patent Pending) were also integrated into the hood design.






























































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