The Process:  Bringing a Prototype Into Reality

First, a mold was produced from the original prototype.

The underside was custom designed  for strength, rigidity, and clearance.

The Cherry rear spoiler molds, and the finished spoiler.

The finished Cherry 6T6 hood...


A finished fiberglass piece is produced from the new molds and prepped for paint.

MRT had designed a prototype hood for their new project Mustang named the "Cherry 6T6". When it won the 2006 SEMA "Outstanding Achievement in Design" award, they decided to offer the hood and rear spoiler for sale to the public. But who could they find to produce a high quality fiberglass product? Nate Tovey of MRT already had a Boss hood on his personal Mustang and liked the quality, so they gave us a call.

The design of the outer skin was retained and a custom underside was designed to give the overall structure strength, rigidity, and engine clearance.













































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