The Challenge:  Make a Family Sedan Look Cool

First, a custom designed prototype of the outer skin was produced.

The finished Fusion T5 at SEMA in Las Vegas

The Fusion T5 concept drawing

The finished product at SEMA in Las Vegas.

The 2007 Ford Motor Company "Outstanding Achievement in Design" award.

The Fusion T5...


Boss Inc. CEO Todd Rainey with Scott Hoag at SEMA, Las Vegas 2007

Scott Hoag from MRT contacted us about developing a new hood for the 2007 Ford Fusion. To feed off of the excitement that was generated by the 2006 SEMA award-winning Cherry 6T6, MRT wanted to do a similar Ram-Air design with the new Fusion hood.

After several months of development, the Fusion T5 went on to win Ford's "Outstanding Achievement in Design" award at SEMA in 2007.












































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