The Challenge:  Develop an Emblem for a Legend

Larry Shinoda with the original 1969 Boss 302.

Larry in the mid '90's. (Note the sketches of the Boss Shinoda on the wall behind him).

A genuine Boss Shinoda seen at the Mustang 45th Anniversary event in Alabama.

President of Shinoda Performance Vehicles, James Klok with Boss Inc. CEO, Todd Rainey at the Mustang 45th.

Brandon Rainey in front of a genuine Boss Shinoda Mustang.

Original drawing of the new "Shinoda Performance Vehicles" emblem.

The stock 4.6 liter emblems...


One of the original drawings of the "Boss Shinoda" Mustang.

Larry Shinoda was the designer of the Boss Mustang. He was responsible for the '69-'70 Boss 302's and 429's. In 1994 he teamed up with SVE's John Colletti and designed the famous  "Boss 429", which led to the "Boss Shinoda" Mustangs of the late '90's.

Shortly after Larry died in 2001, we were contacted by James Klok, the head of Shinoda Performance Vehicles to produce an emblem for the side of Boss Shinoda Mustangs. Working with James, we developed a new emblem that has become the defining element of a genuine "Boss Shinoda".








































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