The Process:  Improving an existing design



In the spring of 2005, Steeda contacted us about producing a racing version of their street hood.  They asked us to increase the airflow for cooling while making it lighter and stronger for racing purposes.

The final design yielded a hood that looked just like their street version from the outside, yet underneath utilized the stock washer nozzles, was 9lbs. lighter, and flowed 438% more airflow. Their race testing showed that the increased airflow kept inlet temps within 5 degrees of the  - ambient air temperature - A HUGE performance benefit.

In all, 13 separate improvements were made over the street version. This became the "Competition" hood, was approved for use in Grand Am racing, and is standard  on the top of the line Q550 and Q650 Steeda Mustangs.













Steeda's street version used a small cutout for airflow. This didn't flow much air and weakened the structure.


First, a custom designed prototype of the outer skin was produced.

The finished top side.



The finished underside.


A custom designed prototype of the underside was produced.



Utilizing Boss airflow technology, we were able to get 438% more airflow and a stronger strcture under the cowl.








Close-up of "STEEDA" logo on underside of hood


Close-up of right side washer nozzle location.


Note washer nozzle locations underneath hood. This design is now standard on the 2010 Mustang.

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