CyberStallion Screen Kit Installation Guide:




Preparation:    Identify right and left side screens by matching the screen shape to the scoop opening. For each side, the bottom tab should face toward the front of the hood, top tab should face toward the rear.



1)  Install Screens:    Insert each screen into each scoop opening from the underside of the hood. Press the bottom tab of the screen between the inner and outer layers of fiberglass in the bottom side of the scoop opening. Once the bottom tab is firmly in place and pressed flush against the outer skin of the scoop opening, press the top of the screen forward until it is also flush with the outer skin at the top of the scoop.

2)  Glue Screens in Place:    Place a small amount of glue on the top tab of each screen. Press the glue through the screen, bonding the screen to the fiberglass on the top side of the scoop.                                                                  


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